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The first MCT Global Summit will take place from October 22nd to October 26th 2018. You can expect an exciting presentation program with top international speakers and lots of activities brought to you by the community.

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Why should you participate?

The MCT Global Summit 2018 is the worlds’ first summit of MCTs for MCTs and interested. This global summit will be brought to you by MCT Germany e.V., the German community of Microsoft Certified Trainers and the IAMCT World Community for MCTs. These two community groups, supported by all MCT Regional Leads, are the organizers of the first MCT Global Summit.

The MCT Global Summit offers 5 days up-to-date IT tracks for MCTs and interested that will help the participants from around the world to do a better job. The speakers of the MCT Global Summit 2018 will be experienced Microsoft Certified Trainers, MVPs and Microsoft employees from the Microsoft Program Groups. They will hold teaching sessions (level 300 or higher), showcases, and ‘Ask the Expert’ sessions.

5 days of workshops, over 120 sessions in 8 rooms, discussions and ‘Round Table’ sessions come together. All sessions are recorded by video and will be available to all participants later. Everything is focused on the current and future cloud technologies, Azure, Office 365, Security, Learning Skills and much more.

So, be a part of the big Microsoft family worldwide and come to the first MCT Global Summit. Experience the great community of Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCT). Be one of the 1,000+ attendees who receive the new technical information through this conference. With this information, you can build even more efficient solutions for your customers, making your work even more valuable.

As a special incentive, we also will have ‘The virtual conference’ during the MCT Global Summit 2018. This is an additional IT conference, which will be held exclusively with all sponsors and speakers of the MCT Global Summit 2018. In this conference, you will learn about the latest news from the sponsors and the speakers will tell you about the news that they could not pack into their session. This is achieved with the help of our media partner aixvox and Platinum Events. So, there is really no reason, not to come to Brühl in October and participate in the first MCT Global Summit.

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